We are a research group based in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in University College Dublin, Ireland.  Our research is focused on using engineering methods to understand the human nervous system as it relates to movement, in health and disease, and to design therapies and technologies to improve impaired motor function.  We adopt an interdisciplinary approach to studying Neuromuscular Systems and Neural Engineering. Interests include electromyography, bioelectromagnetics, myoelectric control of artificial limbs, electrical stimulation, deep brain stimulation and neural control of movement.  

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McManus L, Flood M, Lowery MM (2019) Beta-band motor unit coherence and non-linear surface EMG features of the first dorsal interosseous muscle vary with force. Journal of Neurophysiology, 122, 1147-1162.

Pereira Botelho D, Curran K, Lowery MM (2019) Anatomically accurate model of EMG during index finger flexion and abduction derived from diffusion tensor imaging. PLoS Comput Biol, 15(8), e1007267.

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Kriger KJ, Bertollo N, Dangol M, Sheridan JT, Lowery MM, O'Cearbhaill ED (2019) Simple and customizable method for fabrication of high-aspect ratio microneedle molds using low-cost 3D printing. Microsyst Nanoeng, 5:42.

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