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We are a research group based in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in University College Dublin, Ireland.  Our research is focused on using engineering methods to understand the human nervous system as it relates to movement, in health and disease, and to design therapies and technologies to improve impaired motor function.  We adopt an interdisciplinary approach to studying Neuromuscular Systems and Neural Engineering. Interests include electromyography, bioelectromagnetics, myoelectric control of artificial limbs, electrical stimulation, deep brain stimulation and neural control of movement.  



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McManus L., De Vito G. and Lowery M.M (2021) Analysis and biophysics of surface EMG for physiotherapists and kinesiologists: towards a common language with rehabilitation engineers. Frontiers in Neurology – Neurorehabilitation, In Press.

Evers J., and Lowery M.M. (2021) The active electrode in the living brain: The response of the brain parenchyma to chronically implanted deep brain stimulation electrode. Operative Neurosurgery, In Press.

Flood M., O’Callaghan B., Diamond P., Hughes G., Lowery M.M (2020) Quantitative Clinical Assessment of Motor Function During and Following LSVT-BIG® Therapy, Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 17(1), 92.

Krieger, K.J, Liegey, J., Cahill, E.M., Bertollo N., Lowery M.M., O’Cearbhaill E.D. (2020) Development and Evaluation of 3D Printed Dry Microneedle Surface Electromyography, Advanced Materials Technologies, 5 (10), 2000518


Prof Madeleine Lowery or Dr Aoife O'Gorman


School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

University College Dublin


Dublin 4


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